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Connections Portfolio

Each of the images in this show was made using the same technique, though with differing modes of transportation, according to the setting. When in the city, I often walk for miles, the camera at my side. Out in the country, I cruise along the back roads, typically for many more miles, in my beaten-up 2010 F-150 pickup (it’s old like me). Whether traveling by foot or in the truck, sometimes I know where I’m going, but more often I do not. My senses tingling, I roam with my camera by vehicle or on foot, alert for that one moment, often seen as only a fleeting glimpse, when I encounter someone who seems “different.”


In the city, these encounters are typically anonymous, as if we are particles, colliding randomly. We meet each other as strangers, and we part that way.

Out in the country, folks don’t ignore each other’s existence, and besides, I’m in a truck. I often must circle back after spotting someone, hoping to find them, as that initial visual contact happens so quickly. When I’m lucky, I am able to catch sight of the person once again before they disappear, so I pull off the road to approach them, quickly trying to explain my purpose, camera in-hand to bolster my credibility. Sometimes, it’s awkward, and it stays that way. However, in this setting I have learned over time that the best images come when I can get people to start talking, opening up about themselves to the camera.

In either setting, urban or rural, the people who appear in these photographs are typically alone, just like me, and like me, they are also on a journey—the one that is the story of their lives. They, too, cannot know where their journey will lead them. They have but the moment that the shutter is open to tell their stories to you, and as photographs are silent, those stories must be told visually—in such rich details as the expressions upon their faces, the clothes that they wear, the way they move and hold their bodies, and the setting in which they have been discovered. Despite such limitations and how many people there are in this world, if you as the viewer are willing to slow down and look, you will see that each story is poignant and vivid, unique to each person, place, and time, unlike any other. Most of the subjects of these images live a life where there will be few witnesses, and even fewer who care whether they succeed or fail. It is in the power of photographs to bear that witness, and yours to care. Or not.

When any one of the images moves you sufficiently to feel that connection with the subject of the photograph, you become a third person in the relationship between the photographer (me) and the person in the photograph.

It is the peculiar gift of the firefly that it is capable of creating a trail of light wherever it wanders drunkenly through the darkness—the vast vault of nothing that is the night. While we are blessed with no such spectacular talent, each of us too, leaves a wake in the void for however long it lasts, made possible by connections.




New York, New York

Walking Tall

Chicago, Illinois

Mug Shot

New York, New York


Paris, France

Tougher than the Rest

New Orleans, Louisiana

God’s Creation

New Orleans, Louisiana


New York, New York

The Suit

New York, New York

The End of Days

New York, New York

Woman’s Hand

New York, New York

Times Square

New York, New York

Living the Dream

New York, New York

Lost in the Canyons

New York, New York


New York, New York
Rural / Small Town

Waiting for Jacob’s Calamity

Salton Sea, California

Oh The Heat

Winslow, Arizona

Joker’s Wild

Bonnet Carre Spillway, Louisiana

Kentucky Man

Cairo, Illinois


Highway 1, Mississippi

Rocker with Two Busted Ribs

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Rita and Bubbles

Ocotillo, California

The Carnie

Alamogordo, New Mexcio

Cowboys and Navajo

Gallup, New Mexico

1st Avenue Bridge

Barstow, California

Barber, Interrupted

Jackson, Louisiana

Wish You Were Here

Tucumcari, New Mexico

Grim Reaper

Cairo, Illinois

In the Blink of an Eye

Luxora, Arkansas

Beneath the Trestle

Needles, California


Las Vegas, Nevada

Killing Time

El Centro, California

The Caller

Tucumcari, New Mexico

Saturday Night

Clarksdale, Mississippi

Somebody’s Grandmother

Highway 111, California


Glamis Dunes, California

Nine-Acre Patch

Interstate 55, Arkansas

Blue Syzgy

Clarksdale, Mississippi


Wilson, Arkansas

Mad about Marilyn

Espanola, New Mexico

Red, White, and Black

Cairo, Illinois


Tucumcari, New Mexico


Childress, Texas

First Love

Taos, New Mexico

James and Buster

Lupton, Arizona


Clarksdale, Mississippi


Krotz Springs, Louisiana

The Searcher

El Centro, California


Barstow, California


Clarksdale, Mississippi


Cairo, Illinois
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